Walking around Fukuurashima in Matsushima.

I was able to get out of the house with my family the other day and we decided to go for a walk around Fukuurashima. The island is located near the heart of the sightseeing area in Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture. It is fun nature walk with earthy beauty all around.


Matsushima is known for its bay with many islands. When you walk around the island, many are visible from the walking path. Not only that, there are a few beaches on the island where you can stick your feet in the ocean and see the spectacular scenery around you.


A word of caution though. The city maintains the island, however, there are a series of access points to the beaches requiring you to traverse slippery sandstone. Though I would recommend seeing the beaches, make sure you are able to climb down or carry your children down.


On more than one occasion, you find yourself completely engulfed in the forest around you. While the main trails are well maintained, there are a few trails that are unmaintained that would be more fun for people that enjoy a little hiking.


One thing to keep in mind is that this would not be an ideal location to visit at night. The island doesn’t have lighting and therefore you would be walking around in the dark.


¥200 for adults
¥100 for elementary school students
Free for kids under 6
Free after 6 pm

(Click on the picture below to access the album.)



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