Sabakoyu Public Bath

Sabakoyu is a public bath that has been in Izaka Onsen in Fukushima city since the 17th century. We will explore this public bath, tell you what a public bath is, give you some history not commonly known, and even show you proper Japanese etiquette. Don’t worry, there is no nudity featured in the video.

There are travel costs and directions given in the video.
Sources for people who want more information on the radiation in Fukushima:


Zao’s Fox Village is out

Up high in the mountains on Mt. Zao in Miyagi Prefecture sits a little animal reserve. This animal reserve specializes in foxes. Though they do research on canine diseases, they also open the park up to the public where you can play, interact, feed, and even hold the foxes. Come join us on an adventure you’ll never forget.