Our Next Stops after Christmas 2016

We are planning on visiting three places, weather permitted, two of which are in Miyagi Prefecture, and one that is in Yamagata Prefecture. Thank you for your patience, I have been waiting for the necessary equipment to arrive after purchasing.

The Places in Miyagi are:

蔵王キツネ村 The Zao Fox Village
Located near Shiroishi
The fox village is a wildlife reserve where they keep around 100 foxes that you can interact with. They have a special time where you can actually hold one in your lap. They also have treats you can buy to feed them.

馬の背 The Horse’s Back
Located between Shiogama and Matsushima
This location is an outdoor trail you can take to hike around the peninsula. It is has very narrow paths but gives an excellent view of the Matsushima Bay area.

The place in Yamagata is:

山寺 The Mountain Temple
Located in Yamadera
This is an actual temple on a mountain. You must climb the stairs from the foot to reach the top. Once you are there, there is a breathtaking view of the valley and surrounding mountains.



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